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Including diagnosis in assessment




  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    I would love that for treatment planning or other kind of note, especially the Dx code and the criteria. Good ideas!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Stephanie and Nicole, thank you for your feedback. Please add your feature request to our Ideas and Suggestions Board for future consideration: . For now, you can add your Assessment as a Progress Note Template in order to have it include the client's diagnoses. Thank you for these suggestions, we look forward to reviewing them and continuing the conversation in our Ideas and Suggestions Board! 

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  • Brenda B. Wilson

    When I entered treatment plan information and then entered diagnoses, treatment plan information disappeared. I type it over three times. What's wrong?

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  • Stephen Muncy, Ph.D

    Great idea Ruth!  I'm relatively new to SP and experiencing some navigation problems.  Is it not possible to enter two diagnoses in the treatment plan without having to write two treatment plans? 

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