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access client portal. shared custody.



  • Anne-Drea Allison, BA, BSW, MSW

    Hi Elycia.

    The initial client name is the child (that's the way I like to set mine up), and I don't grant them access to client portal. I turn that off for the main (child) client. Then, set up two Contacts, mom and dad (or whoever the two caregivers are).

    Create New "Contact" and choose "parent" and grant them both access to client portal. Each time you grant access, you'll be prompted with an email and you can change the writing. I change mine to something like "Here is access to the client portal...this will allow us to communicate via encrypted, secure message system. When you get a moment, please send along your phone number, address, and birth date (depending whether you have that info from that parent or not).  

    If you don't know billing information yet, that's a good email to ask them about that, how they'd like to pay, and that they can upload front/back copy of their INS card when they have time, or e-transfer, etc. however you personally have chosen to receive payments.


    Hope this helps! A-D, New Brunswick, Canada

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Anne-Drea,

    This is the perfect guidance, thank you.



    For more information on setting up minor clients in your account, I recommend checking out this Help Center guide: Enhanced Client Management for Minors.

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