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  • Ruth

    Hi Cheri, you're welcome to add the executor of your will as a non-clinical team members to your SimplePractice Professional Plan for free. In the event of your death, they can reach out to us over email and after verifying their identity and your will, we'll be able to transfer Account Ownership to them so they can export your client data. You don't need to add them as a non-clinical team member for us to transfer Account Ownership, but you're welcome to do so if you'd like. Since we're not legal professionals, we don't facilitate the writing of wills, or keep a record of your will in our platform. 

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  • Caterina Sanfilippo Lee

    Hello - When adding a team member, I could only see these non-clinical team member options (listed below). None of which really fit as executor. Please advise. Thanks. 


    Supervisor Role

    Can sign notes, review documentation, and view appointment fees of pre-licensed clinicians. If this Team Member also sees clients, grant them a Clinician role as well.

    Biller Role

    Can manage billing for all clients and access most practice financial reports.

    Scheduler Role

    Can manage scheduling, online booking, and assign clinicians to all clients.

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  • Cheri Timko

    I wish there were an option where we could put our most up-to-date will and the executor's ID information in our account so that if we died, Simple Practice would only have to check that information against the information provided by the executor.


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  • Ruth

    Hi Cheri and Caterina, thank you for your input! I've forwarded your comments to my team for further consideration.

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