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CMS1500 forms missing fields




  • Ruth

    Hi Courtney, I've created an email help request so a member of our Customer Success Team can look into this for you. In the future, I'd recommend submitting an email Help Request for questions that are specific to your account, or clients. We'll be in touch shortly! 

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  • Heather Schulien

    Having this same problem. They're telling me the CMS form is 3 pages long and that Box 42 is blank. It also says box 32 is blank. I told her there's only one page and it only goes up to 32. She's faxing me an image of what they have. This has been going on since I've seen this client. With every claim they receive from me, they say those boxes are blank and delete the claims. Their solution is to then request a new fresh claim with a copy of the W9. I've done this three times this year already. I'm so aggravated. This only happens for this one person. However, I also have another client with a similar problem; the 95 modifier somehow gets erased in submission. Both are BCBS.

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