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working with a minor




  • Ruth

    Hi Sherry, happy to help! I'd recommend adding each parent as a Contact for the minor client and enabling Client Portal Access with Secure Messaging for them.

    First, navigate to the child's client file > Edit, if you've already added a parent's email address here, in the Client Info tab, scroll down, uncheck the boxes for "Email ok" and "Send email reminders" then use the trash icon to delete the parent's email address.

    Next, go to the Client Portal tab and hit the Disable Access button for this email address. Navigate to the Contacts tab and add each parent as a Contact.

    For each parent Contact, hit Manage > Manage Client Portal & Billing > check the box to enable the Client Portal and Save. To make sure that the Contact has Secure Messaging enabled, click Manage > Manage Client Portal & Billing and check the box for Secure Messaging, if not already checked.

    Go back to the client's Overview page and hit the Share button to the top right to send your forms and documents to both parent Contacts. You can also click the Messaging icon to the top right and select which Contact you'd like to message.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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  • Mary L. Parker

    Ugh! I have an adult client with 3 kids. I just want a simple way to send her forms for each child as well as forms for herself. This is so confusing and I fail to understand why I can’t use an adults email account several times ... for 3 minor children. I need to get forms in but HOW?

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  • Dave Ebaugh

    Just FYI, you can "create" an email that Simple Practice will recognize as "unique" for a child that will automatically go to the parent's email in box. You do this by following this format: By adding +child in this manner, SP will recognize this as a unique email and the email will land in the parent's email account. This works with gmail and may work with other email services as well. 

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