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  • Ruth

    Hi Deanna, if your Office Manager is set up as a Scheduler/ Biller, or non-clinical team member in SimplePractice, then you're correct, they won't have access to all the Settings as someone with Administrative access would. If you were to switch roles (as the Account Owner) with a non-clinical team member, all of your clients would be reassigned to this person and you wouldn't have the permissions necessary to write Progress Notes, view Progress Notes, or do clinical work. If you'd still like to switch roles, you submit an email Help Request to our Group Practices Team! Another option would be to change the permissions for your non-clinical team member to grant them Clinician with Administrative Access. We do charge for clinical access levels, but only at a prorated rate. Therefore, you could change their permissions in Settings > Team Members, for however long it takes for them to set your practice up, then delete their Clinician with Administrative Access account and re-add them as a non-clinical team member. On your next bill, a credit will be applied for days after you deleted this clinician. 

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