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Membership tracking - Wallet Feature?




  • Ruth

    Hi Trey, you can charge your client for the full amount of your monthly membership, this way your client will have a credit amount. Then go to Settings > Billing & Services > Services > Add New Service and create a monthly membership service. Make the service code rate however much you'd charge per session according to the reduced membership fee. Go to the client's file > Edit > Billing and Insurance, scroll down to Default Service Code and make this service the client's default. Everytime you create an invoice for this client, the amount billed will be deducted from the client's credit. You can also create Products in Settings > Billing & Services > Products and create an invoice in your client's Billing page. From this invoice, you can click the +Add Line Item button to add one of your Products to charge them for "Micronutrients." Hope that helps! 

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  • Caitlin Rochester

    Has there been any updates to "membership" billing in the past two years? For example, is there now a way to have monthly bills within a membership be auto-billed to the patient, rather than manually invoiced to each patient each month by the practitioner?


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  • Medical Provider

    Also curious about this. This is a standard feature, why doesn't simple practice offer it?

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