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  • Ruth

    Hi Daniel, to clarify, the credentialing process is different from the enrollment process. We don't process credentialing, or paneling, in SimplePractice. Getting credentialed with an insurance payer means that you have a contracted rate set with them that you can bill for as an in-network provider. When you bill, or submit claims electronically, you may need to file an enrollment beforehand. However, you'll still be able to create claims through SimplePractice and mail them physically while you wait for an enrollment to get accepted. For most insurance payers, we already have a connection established so you won't need to submit an enrollment prior to submitting claims electronically. If you're already credentialed with a payer, you can check to see if an enrollment is necessary for you to submit electronic claims by going to Settings > Insurance. If the Claims column says "You can file claims now," no need to file an enrollment.  Make sure you have a client that you've added this insurance for in their file > Edit > Billing and Insurance, prior to being able to submit an enrollment. Furthermore, if you'd like to receive Payment Reports, or ERAs through SimplePractice to automate your insurance bookkeeping, you'll want to click the +Enroll button under the Payment Reports column in Settings > Insurance > Enrollments. Here's a helpful resource to give you a bit more context: 

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