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  • Ruth

    Hi Lauren, I think you're referring to two different parts of the platform. The "Edit," or "Edit Details" link is located on a client's file. Within the client's file there is the Overview page and the Billing page, which is different from the Settings > Billing & Services tab to the Left of your Calendar homepage, or the Billings tab to the left. Here are the screenshots of these places from my test account:

    If you're in your client's file and want to see the Overview section, or click Edit to make changes for your client's settings specifically:

    Once you click Edit, you can click Billing and Insurance to make billing changes for your client specifically: 

    If you hit Settings from your Calendar homepage, then want to make changes to your entire account, hit Billing & Services from here: 

    Let me know if you're still unable to locate the Billing section you're looking for.

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