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  • Dave Silvers

    Hello Dr, Kelly,  I am a fellow clinician looking for the same.  I am a sole practioner and working full time.  I would receive about 5 to 7 calls a day and needing to have someone take care of answering the phone, answering questions as well as scheduling.  An individual familiar with SP would be ideal.

    Perhaps we can share some information that may be helpful to each of us.  I have been using Grasshopper phone service with Ruby answering service.  I have not been pleased with the Ruby system and would prefer 1 person to be handling my calls.  Stay in touch.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Dr. Kelly and Dave, I'd suggest you check out our billers who work with SimplePractice Community Forum thread to see if any of the billers listed also provide assistant services: . You can also ask to join our Facebook Community to ask other members if they can work for you in this capacity, or know of anyone else who can: 

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