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Client paperwork completion




  • Ruth

    Hi Michelle, at this time only the client's Primary Clinician gets notified when a client has, or hasn't completed their forms. The Primary Clinician for a client can see a running list of clients that haven't completed forms sent in their Reminders tab, they'll alwo. If you'd like Schedulers and Billers in SimplePractice to have this information included in their Reminders, I'd recommend adding it here to our Ideas and Suggestions Board: . Our Product Team often reviews customer feedback on this page when considering feature enhancements! 

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  • Candice Brown

    We need to let the Schedulers and Billers in SimplePractice to get notifications when documents are completed. That way the scheduler can then call the new client and schedule them with a therapist and the billers can go ahead a verify the insurance. This will help things run more efficiently because neither one has to wait for an email from therapist stating paperwork is complete. It will save a lot of time and confusion!

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  • Amber Stiles-Bodnar

    Simple Practice - Has this been updated yet so billers and schedulers get notified? I can't see where this is happening yet. 

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  • Tiffany Harvey

    Exactly what we need!

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