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DES assessments for children and adolescents




  • Ruth

    Hi Ruth, we do have the standard Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES-II) in Settings > Notes & Forms > Template Library, under Intake Forms. I'd recommend hitting the +Add button to the form, then clicking on it from the My Notes & Forms tab. Now you'll be able to edit it for children and adolescents. From the editable template page, you can change the Template Type from Intake Form to Assessment, if you'd like to fill out the form for your clients, instead of sharing it with them (or their parents) to fill out over the Client Portal. PS: I'm also a Ruth S! 

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  • Ruth Saenz



    Thank you for your quick response.  I did see the adult DES but wasn't aware I could change the questions for adult and adolescents.  That will take some time.  Is it something that SP can have has a template?  I have the PDF forms but clients aren't able to sign or write on the forms (unless they have a program like Adobe).  

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  • Gillian

    Hi Ruth, you can certainly recreate the DES as a template for adolescents using SimplePractice's Note and Form Template Builder. To create a copy of an existing template, visit Settings > Notes and Forms, and click the copy template button next to the template you'd like to duplicate. You can then adjust the questions and answers as much as you'd like by clicking on the name of the template. When you're done customizing your template, click Save, and you'll be able to use that template to send to clients as an Intake Form. 

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