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same email for more than 1 client




  • Gillian

    Hi Cinny, I'd be happy to help. Each client in SimplePractice must have their own email address to uniquely identify them in your client list. To add a Contact to a Client, such as linking a mother to a minor client, and to allow that Contact Client Portal access and to enable Appointment Reminders, you must remove the email address from the minor client's Overview > Edit page, then add a Contact to that client under Overview > Edit > Contacts with the mother's email address. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist further with this!

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  • Mary L. Parker

    No help. I am seeing a mother and three children that are minors. She does not have gmail and I have no idea how to set up accounts for all four. Incredibly frustrating.

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  • Noshima Darden-Tabb

    I am finding this same issue. why can't the clients be identified another way, such as name and DOB. when you are seeing minors or the family just has one email, it is challenging to manage. seems like SP could fix this,

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  • Carla D. Ellis

    Same issue as well. Please fix...


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  • Tonya Ratliff

    Has this issue been resolved? Highly frustrating. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, you're probably entering the parent's email address as the child's in the child client's file > Edit > Client Info tab, instead of in the Contacts tab as a Contact Profile for the parent.

    I'd recommend going to the client's file > Edit > Client Portal > Disable Access

    Then go to the Client Info tab and use the trash can icon to delete the email address, if it's the parent's email that's listed.

    Next, go to the Contacts tab > +Add Contact, use the search bar to see if you've already added a Contact Profile for this parent, if you have, click on the search result > hit Email Ok > Save. If you haven't add a New Contact, enter their information, check the Email Ok box and Save the entry.

    Once you've added the parent as a Contact, you'll want to go to each sibling's account > Edit > Contacts > +Add Contact and search for the existing Contact Profile to add them and hit Email Ok.

    You'll be prompted to enable the Client Portal for the Contact each time you add them and enable emailing.

    If there are multiple entries for the same Contact Profile, go to your Clients tab, to the left of your account, toggle "Show Potential Duplicates" on in the banner and search for the Contact. Click Manage next to one of the Contacts for this parent > Merge with > check the boxes for the duplicated entries > Preview Merge and follow the prompts to Complete Merge.

    Here's more information on our Enhanced Client Management for Minors feature.

    If you have any additional questions, or you still can't share documents with a parent of multiple clients, please reach out to our Customer Success Team so they can investigate your particular account for you. Click on the ? icon in your account > Get Help > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request. Here's more on how to email us for further investigation.

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