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Marking Treatment Plan as Reviewed




  • Ruth

    Hi Kyle, I'd recommend upvoting and commenting on this post on our Ideas and Suggestions Board: . You're correct, we have released a feature that will allow you to set a reminder to review an existing Treatment Plan; however, this feature enhancement doesn’t allow you to sign a treatment plan, or indicate it’s been reviewed. For now, I'd recommend clicking +Create New > Diagnosis & Treatment Plan > Create from previous and manually noting that the Treatment Plan has been reviewed, in addition to any new notes you'd like to make on the previously entered fields. 

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  • Amanda Ori

    Hi Ruth,

    When you do go to create a new treatment plan, I noticed that the 'create from previous' only seems to work for the diagnosis. Is there a way to bring up past treatment plans when creating a new one? I am going to go vote for this on the ideas and suggestions board as well.

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  • Stacie Heibel

    I agree with the prior post.  Updating a treatment plan and making changes when needed might actually occur weekly or bi weekly.  This is a feature that needs to be changed to reflect a pt progress in therapy.

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  • Thomson Ticum

    I definitely agree. Let's get this going! 

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  • Jennifer Weaver

    I also agree. Thank you for bringing this to their attention.

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  • Jean Marie Pearce

    I agree ! It is very frustrating to not be able to note progress on treatment plans and update the existing ones. 

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  • zabrina Boudreau

    I am also looking for this feature. I have indicated in the note that we have reviewed but am used to other EHRs where I extend target dates etc.

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  • Heather Newcomb

    This has been a large frustration for me. I would like to be able to document directly to the treatment plan upon the review date or whenever it needs to be updated or amended. Can SP make this happen?

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  • John Hamilton

    It looks like this has been suggested for 2 YEARS. What changes are being made to make this feature better?

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  • Kyle F. Richards

    Haha yep, such a simple button not sure why they won’t do it

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  • Kimberly Martin

    Looking for the feature to update and review a treatment plan instead of creating a new one, just like you all!

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  • Ashley Parkinson

    Any updates on making it much easier to review a treatment plan in SP??

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  • Mary Ann Kreider

    This seems like a relatively easy thing to add to the form.  A place to either click "review" with date and a narrative space for comments.

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  • Nicole Kopacz

    Came to figure how to review a treatment plan with no changes, disappointed this feature is not yet a thing. 

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  • Karen Wall

    Kyle has a great idea. It was 2 years ago, so I am wondering what is delaying this fix. I just reviewed a care plan and ended up doing an Add Note that I reviewed it and the status of it. Being able to be in the care plan and after reviewing it, select the "button" that would do a kind of date stamp. 

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  • Nicole Williams

    Would someone from Simple Practice be able to respond to this thread, even if it is to say they will take this feedback to developers? With more and more insurance companies doing audits this is an extremely important detail that needs to be addressed. Thank you! 

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  • Tammy Rector

    I agree. It's time to fix this or look for other options. Someone please respond from SP! Thank you!

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