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Adding Addendum to Locked Note




  • Bonnie McKeegan

    Following. This is a really important issue to fix.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Kylie and Bonnie, when you unlock the previously locked and signed note, you'll be asked to enter a reason for unlocking the note. These changes and the reason will be recorded. However, there's no way to add an addendum field for the edits you make to the note. I'd recommend creating a Chart Note instead, backdating it to align with the date and time of the appointment with the locked and signed Progress Note in question. You can also manually note that a portion of the unlocked note is an addendum. 

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  • Margo Milano, PhD

    Addendum's are required per ethical, legal, and insurance standards. Ya all need to fix this. 

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  • Diane Bradley

    There should be a function to add an addendum to locked notes, is this something SP is considering?


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  • Mattie Ablitz

    I created a new “assessment” called “Addendum.” On the home page, I click “add new” then “assessment”, and then choose my “addendum” template. In this note, I list the reason for the addendum, the date of the original note, the date of the addendum, and the information to be added. I also added a place for the MD to sign. Not an ideal solution, but works in a pinch.

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  • Sonya A. Buskirk, M.S., LIMHP, CPC

    Ruth---I have lost many "chart notes" that I left open to finish...when the page times out for security, the info I was typing does not reload when the page refreshes.  Very frustrating, so I only use the chart note function if I know what I have to type out is short and can be save within a few minutes.


    Mattie Ablitz---thanks for the idea.  I will be using this while waiting for SP to address this issue.

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