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Telehealth Audio




  • Ruth

    Hi James, currently there isn't an optimized audio sharing function in Telehealth, but we're working on making Telehealth improvements. Please comment and vote on this feature request if you'd like our Product Team to consider it in a future update: 

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  • Elaine S. Belson

    Getting the same complaints from my patients. 

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  • Jessica Beattie MA, LMFT


    I had trouble getting onto the Telehealth platform with my clients today and that seems to be resolved, however for each session today the audio did not work on my client's end--meaning they could hear me, but I was unable to hear them.

    I asked them to check that their microphone was not muted, and with all clients, the microphone was not muted. Each client has also been a client for some time, and there has never been an audio issue in the past. 

    Please advise on next best steps. I have a full day tomorrow, 5/27/21, as well. 

    Thank you,

    Jessica Beattie 





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  • George Hogenson

    I have been having constant problems with audio on the telehealth system and frequently have to shift to Zoom to get clear audio.  It has reached the point where I do not have confidence in the system.  Whether I am on IPods or the computer audio system itself does not seem to matter.  I never have this problem with Zoom, so it is not the internet connection for my system.  Is anything being done to upgrade the telehealth system and bring it into conformity with the quality of Zoom?



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