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Any way to auto-bill a client, such that the invoice AUTOMATICALLY includes our full fee AND a discount each time?




  • Ruth

    Hi Tony,

    Currently there's no way to automate write-offs. However, if you don't want to add a default rate for your client in their client file > Edit > Billing and Insurance, under Client Default Services, you can enter write-offs in manually. The process of writing-off part of a session's fee differs depending on if the session is "Insurance Pay," or "Self-Pay." I've outlined how to do both below:

    You can add a write-off for a session you had with a client. If that session was an Insurance Pay session, then you'll add the write-off when you add an Insurance Payment. If the session was Self-Pay, you'll enter the write-off amount from the client's Billing page. I've detailed the steps for both here:

    Insurance Pay Write-Off:

    1. Go to your Billing tab > Insurance > Add Payment. Sort by the client's name, date of service range, and Insurance Payer.

    2. You can add in how much the client should owe, how much the insurance paid for the session, then use the circular arrows to calculate the write-off. Add the total amount of the insurance payment at the top of this page under Amount. 

    3. If an Insurance payment already exists for the session, then you can just add the write-off amount and adjust how much the client owes. The blue links under the sessions indicate previous insurance payment, as shown here:

    Self-Pay Write-Off: 

    1. Go to your client's Billing page, click on the relevant Appointment, make sure it's marked Self-Pay and enter a write-off amount. Save your changes. 

    You can see the write-off amounts by generating an Appointment Status Report. You can choose to include insurance information if you've added insurance write-offs and export this report into a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

    Here is more on the Appointment Status Report: Checking the billing and documentation status for appointments

    For more information on the various ways to record write-offs, click here: How do I enter write-offs?

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  • Stephanie Heck

    I have a similar question, but in the inverse.  I'd like to know how to auto-add credit card fees for patients who self-pay using Stripe BEFORE I have a chance to generate an edited invoice, with the fee added.  Is there a way that a CC processing fee can kick in if a patient chooses to pay via Stripe.  (I prefer not to accept payments through Stripe, but some patients still prefer it, but leave me paying the fees if they pay before I send an invoice.)  Thanks!

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  • Michele Burgner

    Did you ever receive a response to this question?

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  • Stephanie Heck

    Not really…the answer I got when I posted it on its own thread was insufficient and curt, and the thread was shut down. I took it to mean that this platform wants as many stripe payments as possible since they likely have a partnership of some kind w/ stripe (my theory-idrk)… In the end, I just manually blocked, patient-by-patient, the option to manually pay via credit card. If they want to paybusing stripe, I process the charge so I can add in the fee. (Not all states allow fees to be passed on to patients, but my state does).

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  • Ruth

    Hi Stephanie, sorry for not getting to your question earlier. You're right that not all states allow clinicians to pass on credit card processing fees to their clients, which is why there's no way to auto-generate specific Stripe fee charge when your clients select Stripe as the payment type. If you'd like to automate this process, you'd want to edit the client's Default Service Code Rate (as detailed above) to include the Stripe fee. However, if the client is using insurance and is only paying for their co-pay, the Stripe fee you added would be attributed to the insurance's responsibility instead of the client's. We still recommend using a Product to manually add Stripe fees to your client's invoice instead of changing the rates for the clients' Default Service Codes. Here's more on Adding Credit Card Processing Fees to an Invoice. 

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