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How to amend (or delete) a client's credit if its not accurate.




  • Ruth

    Hi Kristen, client credits indicate that you've either underbilled them for services rendered, or overcharged them. I'd recommend going to your client's file > Billing tab, widening the date range to include all dates of service, and then creating a Statement by hitting New > Statement. A Statement is a running tab of invoices you've created to bill your client and the payments your client made. The Statement will help you identify where the overpayment was made so you can delete a payment, adjust it, refund it, or create an invoice to bill them for a service you accidentally didn't charge for. Since this question is specific to your account, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Success Team for further assistance in balancing your client's billing. Click here to reach out: Help Request

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  • Lisa Garcia

    Hi There, 

    I have a input the wrong amount of payment for one of y clients.  I need to remove it because it looks like he has a balance (overpayment)   Can you please provide instruction on how to remove a payment. 

    Thank you 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lisa, it depends on if you're refunding a Stripe Credit Card Payment made through SimplePractice, or if you added a manual payment for bookkeeping purposes (Cash, Check, Manual Credit Card).

    If you're refunding a Credit Card Payment made through your SimplePractice account, then go to your Billing tab, to the left of your Calendar homepage > Card Transactions > adjust the date range > find the payment > Refund

    If you're refunding a Cash, Check, or Manual Credit Card Payment, you'll want to go to the client's file > Billing tab > adjust the date and filter to "View All" or "Transactions > click Edit next to the Cash, Check, or Manual Credit Card Payment > Delete Payment. You don't want to delete the invoice. If you have, recreate it for the session, then add the Stripe Credit Card Payment for it instead. I've included a screenshot of how to delete a cash payment below: 

    If you can't identify which payment is responsible for the client's credit, please reach out to our Customer Success Team for further assistance. Use the ? icon in your account > Get Help > toggle through the prompted guides > select "No" to indicate you need more help > Contact Support > Submit an Email Request. Here's more on Logging into SimplePractice to get Email Help. 

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