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Professional Will Feature




  • Official comment

    Hi Rhiannon and Melissa, thank you for bringing this up. 

    At this time SimplePractice does not offer post-mortem/post-retirement medical records management. Many states have specific laws outlining requirements for handling patient records following a provider’s retirement or death, so we encourage you to consult a legal professional familiar with your local laws.

    However, we do allow all Professional Plan members the ability to add non-clinical team members to their account for free, in Settings > Team Members. If you, or the custodian of your records, were added to an account as a Scheduler/ Biller, they would have access to the client list and schedule to quickly inform any scheduled clients of the emergency. We also recommend adding a custodian to your Professional Will and including language like: "Please release my username and password to this custodian. This custodian will be able to use this username and password to access and store my data files" and list the actual username and password. If you, or the Account Owner, has stored the Professional Will in Settings > Business Documents, we can verify their identity and facilitate the transfer of Account Ownership to the person named in the will. 

    Please note that if the account becomes inactive or is cancelled, we will not retain client data from it. We do offer complete data export that will give you, or a custodian, permanent access to your client's data. Please refer to this guide for the steps: Data export: Exporting client information.

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  • Melissa Wolfe

    I truly truly couldn't agree more. In light of COVID 19, it seems this should be underway urgently.  It almost seems unethical to not have a way for your back up to have access to basic info with their own password.  As you said- sending someone your password every time you change it, just is not realistic or seemingly the most responsible thing.  As a back up you don't need full access.  

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  • Karen Heidebrecht

    This is such a good point to think about. Thank you for bringing it up.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, Professional Plan holders can always add the custodian of their records as a non-clinical team member to their account for free. As mentioned above, they'd have their own login credentials and have limited access, but enough access to see the schedule and basic contact information for clients. To add a non-clinical team member, go to Settings > Team Members > +Add Team Member. Thank you all for contributing to this important conversation. 

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  • Neil Howell

    Hi Ruth,

    I have the professional plan and when I go to add an executor as a team member, I'm only given these options. Which should I use for an executor?

    ClinicianAdministrator Access

    Can access all clients, documentation, billing, and practice financial reports throughout your practice.

    Full Client List Access

    Can see your practice’s full client list, but can only see notes for his/her own clients.

    Basic Access + Billing

    Can access his/her own clients and bill them.

    Basic Access

    Can access documentation for his/her own clients, but cannot see any client billing information.

    Supervisor Role

    Can sign notes, review documentation, and view appointment fees of pre-licensed clinicians. If this Team Member also sees clients, grant them a Clinician role as well.

    Biller Role

    Can manage billing for all clients and access most practice financial reports.

    Scheduler Role

    Can manage scheduling, online appointment requests, and assign clinicians to all clients.

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    This feature should be available at all levels of membership. There should a schedule/client list level access for one other individual without needing an account for multiple users. This is essential for those of us in private practice.

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  • Emily Mortensen

    How can I add a colleague who already uses simple practice? It shows 'this email is already taken' when I try to add them as a team member and give them access. 

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  • Maria Lebovich

    I am legally required for licensure to designate a custodian of records for my client files.  If I were able to do this easily with Simple Practice, this would be of great benefit, the added cost per month to add a custodian of records to my account seems truly unreasonable. 

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