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Paid invoices are not deposited in my bank account




  • Ruth

    Hi Sandra, it looks like my colleague Kimmie was able to respond to your email and identified that the payment you entered was a "Cash" payment, not a "Stripe Credit Card" payment. In order for a client's card to be charged, you have to select "Stripe Credit Card" as the payment type, then select a card that's been added for your client, or enter new card details in the form fields that appear. Please delete the "Cash" payment from your client's Billing tab by clicking on it and then hitting the Delete button, then add a new "Stripe Credit Card" payment to your client's invoice. 

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  • Loretta C. Begg

    The other deposits for the same client say "STRIPE INTEGRATE TRANSFER," but I haven't received one since 4/28/21.    I have 4 more in May on the 8th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th and all the invoices say paid but none of them has been deposited into my bank account.  What's wrong with the system?


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