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  • Official comment

    Hi Steffanie, thank you for your input! We're actually collecting feedback for future enhancements to the Professional Website, please add your comments and vote on the suggestions that you'd like to see implemented:  Professional Website Feedback. Although we're not making individualized engineering modifications, we're interested in using this customer feedback to improve our platform in general. 

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  • Lirio Ohlson LMFT

    The website will be fully functional and convince me to give up my existing website if it has the following:

    1. Practice areas- many clinicians have specific practice areas where they have completed advanced training such as couples, anxiety/OCD, trauma etc. and it would be nice to make sections dedicated to explaining more about these specialties. 

    2. attaching links from certification- becoming certified in a certain modality of therapy now often comes with a link which is a “seal of endorsement” that confirms that you are certified in that model. It would be good to be able to attach these 

    3. blog- a key piece of communicating with clients is a regular blog that is easy to use. I did not see this in the original option

    4. Banner photos that span a large portion of the first page- this is much more inviting and current in web design

    5. Multi state licensure- it is becoming more and more common to be licensed in more than one state and many folks are offering teletherapy in multiple states. The addresss function still needs a lot of work for simple practice billing but also for the website. In order to complete billing I have to re-enter the state specific address to submit claims- there should be a way to press a button to switch between available addresses on your list so you can easily choose which ever address will be your default. The reason why this is relevant here is that the website address appears to be connected this on your simple practice main page. 

    6. Price- the simple practice website is more expensive than other more slick templates like square space on a monthly basis for less functionality and poorer malleability. I would like to use it but it needs improvement. 

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