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Diagnostic labels




  • Ruth

    Hi Ginny, we're open to continuing this conversation and will certainly bring this up to our Product Team for further consideration; however, the decision to only include ICD-10 diagnosis codes was intended to prevent clinicians from accidentally billing with DSM-V diagnosis codes and getting denied claims. The ICD-10 diagnosis descriptors may sound similar to the ones in the DSM-IV, but we actually don't use the DSM at all. I understand that the DSM-V uses updated language that is more culturally responsive and relevant, but insurance companies still won't reimburse clinicians who bill using these codes. I also understand that diagnoses are more than numerical codes and I'll speak to our team about adding options for symptom descriptors that can't be billed, or included in Superbills and claims. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Ginny, I had to delete your last comment because it contained a screenshot with PHI, your client's name to the top left. I've copied and pasted your comments and responded below: 

    You wrote: Thank you, Ruth. I understand the importance of using the ICD codes instead of DSM codes. It's really not that hard to have both and use the correct diagnostic labels.

    My response: Thanks for understanding! We know other EHRs have created diagnoses that merge DSM codes with their corresponding ICD codes so clinicians can select DSM-V descriptors and still bill insurance according to ICD-10 codes. I'll suggest this to our team, but feel free to add your comments to this post on our Ideas and Suggestions Board in the meantime:

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