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Can clients update their own insurance information?




  • Gillian

    Hi Matthew, I'd be happy to help. Once a client has insurance information entered, they cannot update the insurance information on their end. However, they can upload their insurance card for you to update the insurance information on your end manually. To enable Client Document Upload, visit Settings > Client Portal and toggle Client Document Upload on. Then, clients will be able to upload images and documents for you under the Documents tab of the Client Portal. Let me know if you have any questions about this - we're here to help. 

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  • Matthew Singer

    Thank you for the response. About editing the insurance info, I understand. About the upload, that’s where I am experiencing problems. I did just the thing that you described, enabling upload in settings but clients are still not seeing a way to upload documents. I tried it myself by creating a fake client and I also am not given an area on the screen to upload documents in the “documents“ section. Does it take 24 hours or something after I have enabled document upload or something else?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Matthew, once your client has logged into their Client Portal they'll want to click on the Documents tab. Then they'll scroll to the bottom of the page to the My Uploads box and drop documents in, or click the Upload Files link to browse before picking a document. 

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  • Jennifer Schmidt

    I am having the same issue as the writer above- tried sending the Demographics Link to myself as a test, signed in to SP and then there is no link for uploading documents at the bottom of the screen after I select the 'Documents' tab.  Is someone able to advise on this?  Thank you.  

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