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Can clients update their own insurance information?




  • F. John Sherwood

    This is yet another example of the Simple Practice dev team having no real idea of what it is like to actually run an office. OF COURSE clients should be able to enter updated insurance information themselves. "Just send a photo of the new card" sounds great... until you realize this has to be repeated over and over and is very time-consuming for SOMEONE. Do you guys not understand the difference in the amount of work between simply having the client enter their member ID vs having them take a photo of the card, figure out how to send it, maybe your upload functionality is working for maybe it's not, then getting a photo and having to manually toggle back and forth between a *picture* and the field to enter it? It's like not having birthdate information on the insurance tab... zero thoughtful design in the product or user research. Sure, it does great at a lot, but there a lot of misses, too.

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  • Thad Frye

    I am finding it very frustrating that the client cannot update their own insurance information. This should be a simple fix and it comes up all the time because of people moving jobs, losing jobs, etc....please update this. 

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  • Deborah Scott

    It would be a reasonable change for clients to input their own insurance on more than one occasion, I have some clients (long term so multiple insurance changes)with secondary policies as well. It creates more work for the provider and my preference is that site helps provide a decrease in cognitive workload.

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  • Daniel Geer

    I agree with the above? Why has no one responded to this question from SP? Why can't clients update their own insurance info?!

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  • Azeldri van der Wath

    Yes, we need this feature. Similiar to how we can request new credit card information, we should be able to request new insurance information. 

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  • Katayune Kaeni

    came in to look for a solution to this, disappointed that this is still an issue. SP, can you please fix this? 

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  • Lisa Fleischer Jackson

    Having the same issue, we need this fixed.

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  • Nicole F.

    Hi all.  I think I know why S.P.  won't allow clients to change or update their insurance info fields on their own. If you haven't submitted all the 2022 claims to their insurance provider on 12/31/22, and the client has a brand-new insurance plan and they can alter the member ID # and group number, along with the insurance plan, this means the 2022 unsubmitted claims would generate with the new insurance, vs. the old insurance.  This would require the therapist or billing person to manually fix this.  

    My biggest issue with year-end is that there is no way for us to send a mass communication to remind our clients to notify us of insurance changes or to complete updated documents.  We would have to subscribe to some kind of mail service ($$$) and I'm sure HIPAA compliance would be at an additional cost if even offered.  I really hope Simple Practice can work on this feature so that we can send a mass email out along with a way to send ALL of our client's new docs in one step. Right now, we have to manually send these to each client.  

    Simple Practice - you need to keep up with the demands!  We love your product and don't want to switch, but we need some of these very time-consuming issues to be addressed.  

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  • Andrea Doctor

    having the same issue. I cant believe clients cannot upload and edit their own new insurance??

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  • Douglas Roest-Gyimah

    I'm having the same issue as above. I do not see a way to upload documents on my test client, and I do have upload documents set up. Also, I would like for clients to be able to change their credit card processing information without having to open "pay bill."

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  • Donovan Colburn



    In response to your statement, "Once a client has insurance information entered, they cannot update the insurance information on their end." is there any particular reason for this, or is this something we can have changed? I've heard from a lot of clients that they didn't have the insurance info on hand in that exact moment and thought they'd be able to return to it. If there is a security reason for keeping them from editing, then can that document be made skippable instead of auto-filling a 0 value in the blank spaces?

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    Any update for Simple Practice in fixing this?

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  • Gillian

    Hi Matthew, I'd be happy to help. Once a client has insurance information entered, they cannot update the insurance information on their end. However, they can upload their insurance card for you to update the insurance information on your end manually. To enable Client Document Upload, visit Settings > Client Portal and toggle Client Document Upload on. Then, clients will be able to upload images and documents for you under the Documents tab of the Client Portal. Let me know if you have any questions about this - we're here to help. 

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  • Matthew Singer

    Thank you for the response. About editing the insurance info, I understand. About the upload, that’s where I am experiencing problems. I did just the thing that you described, enabling upload in settings but clients are still not seeing a way to upload documents. I tried it myself by creating a fake client and I also am not given an area on the screen to upload documents in the “documents“ section. Does it take 24 hours or something after I have enabled document upload or something else?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Matthew, once your client has logged into their Client Portal they'll want to click on the Documents tab. Then they'll scroll to the bottom of the page to the My Uploads box and drop documents in, or click the Upload Files link to browse before picking a document. 

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  • Jordan Madison

    As Open Enrollment ends and some clients may be changing their insurance information, if there is no way for them to update their insurance info, how can we as the providers ask them to let us know their changes if there is no way they are able to update their previously entered information?

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  • Melissa Nauman

    Agree, need an option for clients being able to update their insurance, or at least an option to add new insurance. 

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  • Carley Saravia

    So, is there literally no solution for this issue?  

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  • Jennifer Schmidt

    I am having the same issue as the writer above- tried sending the Demographics Link to myself as a test, signed in to SP and then there is no link for uploading documents at the bottom of the screen after I select the 'Documents' tab.  Is someone able to advise on this?  Thank you.  

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