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Average Hourly Income Rate




  • Mary Killmeyer

    Once you click on the reports menu, you'll find the current and previous month total income and number of appointments as well as those numbers year to date. You can calculate the overall average by divide the income by the appointment number. In the bar graph that appears on the same page you'll see the month to month break down of income by private vs. insured payments but these numbers don't show the number of appointments for each but you'll get the percentage gist of where your income comes from. For a more detailed breakdown you can adjust the parameters of the Income Received reports to meet the time period you are searching for, which or all clinicians, and with or without insurance. From there download the csv report to sort and filter. There might be an easier way...

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lyle and Mary, going to Reports > Appointment Status Report is definitely a way to calculate your average income for your practice. Thank you Mary for suggesting this method! Another way is to go to your Billing tab > Export Transactions, adjust the date range, and download the report in an Excel, or CSV spreadsheet. Then you can calculate your average income in the spreadsheet! 

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