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Non-clinician administrator role?




  • TK Nelson

    This would be terrific! 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your feedback! We know that many group practices rely on their administrative staff to do some of the tasks that only Clinicians with Administrative Access, or Account Owners can perform in SimplePractice. Our Product and Compliance Teams have contemplated how to add this functionality in our system, but it's not currently a feature we're working on. Please add your comments and vote on this feature request, so our team can further consider adding this to our Product Roadmap: 

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  • Meegan A. Tiffany

    I created this topic to be voted on several weeks ago if you guys would like to "vote" for it. It would be so helpful as I think there are a lot of issues for group practices I am coming across with SP. 

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  • David Massey

    I voted, and completely agree.  I'm the biller for our practice and there are many things I need that require a Clinician with Admin Access to access (like looking at client intake forms).  Our work around is I have access to my Clinician's login information so I have to switch between her and my accounts when necessary.  Not an ideal solution.  

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  • Margaret Turk

    I would like to vote for this as well.

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  • Michelle Inauen

    I need this for my non-clinician office manager. I would also like to have a trace of all communication to the client regarding insurance, payments, fellow providers. etc,

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  • Dan Murray

    Completely agree that non-clinician staff need to be able to have access to notes and else to capture admin minutiae that non-clinician admin staff need to document daily?  Please please fix this for non-clinician staff quickly.  In the meantime, non-clinician staff are using Adobe to create fillable forms (clinicians don't have time to do this) and load them to Google drive which admin staff can access, fill out, and then load to a client file.  Not the best for sure but works.  Thanks!

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  • Nichole Moorman

    I agree. It would be very helpful if a non clinician could create documents and also have access to client documents, for example to confirm "Informed Consent" is signed or to view client's uploaded insurance card. 

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  • Sharon C. Windfrey

    That would be extremely helpful as my practice is growing. I don't have time to make sure that all of the needed documents have been uploaded. My administrative support person cannot see the insurance or photo ID.

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  • Lindsay Nunez

    That'll be a great feature to add a non-clinician administrator role! This'll be very helpful, I agree.

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  • Erin Skinner

    Agreed, I can't believe this isn't a possible role!  I am beyond frustrated with SP and regretting my switch.  This is such a basic functionality that is needed!

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