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Printing Administrative Notes only




  • Ruth

    Hi Patricia, there's no way to download a report with Administrative Notes attached. You could enter the unique client ID numbers in the Preferred Name text field if you'd like to hide a client's first name in reports generated through SimplePractice; however, the client's last name would still be visible. If you were to add their client IDs as their Preferred Names, then it would be easier to download a report into a Spreadsheet and just manually delete each client's last name instead of going to each client file to copy and paste their ID number from the Administrative Note. Please share your thoughts on how we can incorporate client IDs into our platform by commenting and voting on this feature request: !

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  • Dr. Denise Tsioles

    Can SimplePractice please create a simple report to show us clients that have an Administrative Note?  Can there also please be a Reminder added to the Reminders section for the clinician and the practice owner when an Administrative Note is added to a client?  This would be very helpful and make it simple to handle things in a timely manner when an Administrative Note is added to a client's account.  Thank you in advance for considering this.

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