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submitting a claim to a new insurer when the original insurance is terminated.




  • Ruth

    Hi Anita, you'll want to add the new insurance to the client's file > Edit, scroll down to the Insurance Information section and click +Insurance. Then click on the "Primary Insurance" option for this new insurance. Next, click on the claim for the old insurance and download it, you can click the Upload button to the top right of your client's file to re-upload it for record keeping. Delete the electronic version of the claim in your account. Now recreate the claim for the relevant sessions. The new insurance information should auto-populate onto the claim, now you can submit it to the correct insurance payer. 

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  • Carol Calhoun

    I have a different situation. Billed primary insurance for January 2021 claims. Found out later insurance termed at end of 2020. Have new insurance information on hand...BUT...old insurance (incorrectly) paid the claims...

    Do I need to wait until the carrier figures it out, and initiates the recoupment, and SP posts it...before sending the claims on to the correct/current/new insurer?

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