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dark mode needed




  • Ruth

    Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for your feedback. 

    1. The Dark Mode feature can actually be enabled for your device. If using a Mac computer, go to System Preferences > Display, check the box to "Automatically adjust brightness," then go back to System Preferences > General to select "Dark," or "Automatic" so it fluctuates between light and dark depending on the time of day.  If using a PC, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors to select the "Dark" option. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > select Dark, or turn "Automatic" on. 

    2. If you'd like us to add functionality so you can turn off in-app notifications, please vote and comment on this feature request:

    3. Each Telehealth link is unique to the appointment and intentionally doesn't contain any PHI. The links aren't client specific. If you've downloaded the SimplePractice Practice Management App in addition to the Telehealth by SimplePractice app on your mobile device, then you can use your Practice Management app to click on a Telehealth session from the Calendar > Start Video Appointment. This will automatically route you to the Telehealth by SimplePractice app and autofill the correct session link. Since this process is automated, you'll immediately be connected to the intended client's session. Additionally, customers and clients are required to enter their names in before they join the call. The name they enter will appear on their video feed once they join. 

    4. To enable Secure Messaging for all your clients go to Settings > Secure Messaging and click the checkbox at the top of the page, in the header. Click the "Select all clients in your Practice" link underneath it, if you have more than 15 clients.  

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  • Danielle Williams

    Your suggestion about dark mode is not a way to gain dark mode. I guess I could also wear sunglasses at times to achieve a similar screen that the brightness has been lowered in as would occur with the steps that you suggested.

    1. This item was not about dark mode, rather about the iOS mobile app defaulting to "work" email when 1 in a 1000 people use their work email for their mental health and/or substance abuse appointment. Should default to "home" email. This is still an issue.

    2. I was not talking about "in-app" notifications as it does this on the desktop version. Still continues to do it, but definitely less frequently. Usually it is when you are trying to push advertising for your own training. Still annoying, but definitely not hindering as in the past.

    3. There have been updates to your mobile versions that have corrected this issue. It now will take you to the mobile app when you click the link provided in the email. Sometimes it does not go straight to it, depending on what task you were last in on the app. However, if you close out the app and go back to the email, it generally resolves this issue. Your response missed the mark because I was not asking why the email didn't contain a full name. I understand PHI, the issue is actually in my wheelhouse as a clinician using technology. I also wasn't asking about how to get to a telehealth session. I think you may have provided more information that was not needing to be covered as an attempt to not answer the questions. It is okay to say you do not know or that you will make a suggestion to tech department.

    4. This answer also completely misses the mark. This is still an issue. The workaround you suggest would turn on message for all clients in the practice, even those that have been purposefully disabled to do some other issue. The other workaround, which I currently use, is to turn this on for each and every client as they schedule their first appointment or when initially put into the system.

    SimplePractice is a good platform, probably the top one, but that does not mean it couldn't be better. It is very frustrating that your "technical" answers miss the mark when needs of practicing clinicians are brought to your attention. The responses about privacy, PHI, etc. can actually be rather offensive at times. I hope you will continue to grow and improve as the amount paid monthly always gives me pause and a reason to continue to look for a better alternative.

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