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Automatic Payments




  • Ruth

    Hi Jeanette, you can enable Autopay and Automated Daily Invoicing. Before doing this, we'd suggest making sure your clients, or the ones you'd like to enable Automatic payments for, don't have a large outstanding balance, or uninvoiced balance. Go to the clients' files and check their BILLING OVERVIEW box to the top right to make sure they don't have large, or incorrect outstanding amounts that would get automatically charged if you enabled Autopay and Daily Invoicing. Next, go to Settings > Billing & Services and select the "Automatic Daily Invoices" option in the Invoice Settings. If you're just now enabling daily invoicing, the system will generate invoices for all unbilled appointments in each client's file overnight. Still in Settings > Billing & Services, you want to scroll down and check the box to enable Autopay. From here, you can check the boxes next to the specific clients' names you'd like to enable Autopay for. Once an invoice is generated, Autopayments will go through the same night. You can find out more about our automated payments in this guide:

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  • Aubrey Salvador

    Hi Ruth, 

    I have an additional question is regards to this. If I enable Autopay for a client that I am billing insurance for will it automatically charge them? If they have a card on file within their portal with Simple Practice? Just want to make sure so that they are not double billed in this situation. 




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