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New Website Offering Lacks Diversity




  • Maureen Gerald

    Kristen, I agree. I have multi - racial clientele and would like my website to reflect that. I don't think it's a lot to ask SIMPLEPRACTICE to collaborate with companies that take an inclusive approach to business/service products. One solution is to give the option to open the stock options so they we can choose how one might represent their business. 

    Maureen, Therapist

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  • Ruth

    Hi Kristen and Maureen, thank you for your feedback! We understand how important it is to have a website that appeals to and represents the diverse client base you serve. We wanted to make the first version as accessible and easy to use as possible, but know there is room for improvement. We're collecting feedback and taking all of your comments into consideration on our Professional Website Ideas and Suggestions Board. Add your own post to this page, or vote and comment on this existing feature request that calls for the "Ability to upload your own images." Thanks again for voicing your concerns, we hope you'll continue the conversation on our Ideas and Suggestions Board!

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  • Shobha Nandivada

    The charge for the website is too high. we are all members here. and the price should be around $80 per year. Most of the web services charge this amount. so you guys have to consider it as we pay a membership fee., 

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  • Miranda G. Hayden,MPH, RDN, LDN

    It should not be a charge to have a variety of pictures, just swap out some.

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