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Request to schedule appointment for video call with support team




  • Ruth

    Hi Denise, you can go to your client's file, scroll down to the SHARED WITH CLIENT box to the right and click on any of the completed and signed Consent Documents, or Intake Forms you sent your client. If the client hasn't completed and signed the documents, then you won't be able to click on them. To schedule a call with a member of our team, you'll want to use this link to submit an email Help Request, or use the ? icon > Get Help function. In your email, specifically ask for a call and a member of our team should be able to schedule one with you shortly. 

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  • Linda Berlin

    Hi! I am new to Simple Practice. My very first client was the parent of a child. The  parent entered herself as the patient. She was chargeed for this  visit correctly and the money went through to my bank. Subsequently, when I realized that it was not the child's name as the patient, I changed the name to the child's name. I have had 3 subsequent visits with the child. The visits are marked paid and the mother's card is being  charged but I am not receiving the funds. Upon further inspection I have noticed that there are now 2 accounts for the patient and the mother's account has disappeated despite the fact her credit card is being charged for all visits. I have only receiveived the first payment..

    Second problem is that another patient was charged twice for the same visit. His credit card statement has 2 charges but I only received one. I can't refund the 2nd charge to himbecause I never received payment for it.. PLEASE HELP!! 'm a newbie and don't know how to fix this. You can reach me at 954 682-9696 or my email at I caan be available any evening until you close for the night. I amEDT. Thank you so much!

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  • Kimberly Resnick Anderson, LCSW

    Does Simple Practice have a contact form that I can embed into my wordpress website that is linked or part of your system? 


    Kimberly Anderson

    818 334 5811

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