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Autosave malfunction?




  • Ruth

    Hi Steven,

    The autosave function is automatically enabled in the browser, we don't have an additional internal autosaving function. When your client starts filling out a form and navigates away from the page, a draft of what they previously entered should appear when they return to the document from the same browser. Please note that because this information is stored in the browser, autosaved content will not be visible from a different device, browser, Incognito Window, or if the browser's cache gets cleared. We recommend your clients hit the "Review & Continue" button when filling out the form to save it in the system. They can go back to their Client Portal > Documents > Edit the form at anytime, from any browser, or device before officially signing it by hitting "Submit & Continue."

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  • Cheri Riley

    How can i fix the autosave for my note field. It was saving. It is no longer saving and I have lost several notes in progress this! super frustrated!

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  • Brenda L. Roberts

    I am struggling with the loss of auto save.  I am not sure what happened to it.  Please put it back.  I have to open several browsers in Simple Practice just to look at another chart if I'm still in one.  Very frustrating.  It also started timing out and closed the chart before I was finished.  Not sure if is worth it anymore.

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