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Setting Up 2 Locations




  • Ruth

    Hi Karen, you'll want to create two different sets of Availability timeframes in your Calendar. Click on Availability to the top right of your Calendar and create a overlapping timeframes, make the Office Location for "Telehealth: Video Office" for one, set the Office Location as your physical office for the second Availability. 

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  • Roderick E. Branscome

    If Monday @ 1:00 is available for both 'Telehealth' and 'Office' will an office visit become unavailable as soon as it is booked for Telehealth?  

    If I have two different sets of availability for Monday @ 1:00 can that hour be booked twice ... once for each service?

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  • Lori Nelson-Martin

    I would also like to know the answer to the question that Roderick is asking above. If there are 2 availabilities - one for each location- will the time slot be blocked to an additional booking if one booking for the slot is made?

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  • Erin Riedel

    I would also like an answer to this! I'm just now setting up an office after starting my practice as telehealth-only, and I need to know how to configure my availability for this.

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