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Maternity Leave




  • Ruth

    Hi Shannon, not currently. If you're currently on the Professional Plan, you can chose to be on the Essential Plan during the months of your Maternity Leave. To change your plan type, go to Settings > Subscription Information. If you'd like us to further consider adding a "Maternity Leave" storage function, please comment and vote on this feature request: 

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  • Marcella Wagner

    I had the same question. It's a shame this isn't a possibility and I have to cancel my account. 

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  • Amy Ferreira

    Have there been any updates to this? I need to go on Maternity Leave and don't feel that I should have to pay a monthly subscription fee due to this! Crazy!!! Its 2021 people!!! Get with it!

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  • Annalee Scandrett

    Is this subject, "Pausing Subscription," being looked into by SimplePractice currently?  Should we be checking back for updates?

    Thank you

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  • Anne Kraft

    Hello, I'm putting in another request to consider offering a "Pause Subscription" option. The original request was nine months ago. I see the last three inquires have not received a response. Would Simple Practice please respond with a status update? Thank you!

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  • Patricia Mackie

    I will add to this as well. A Maternity leave, paused subscription option would be very valuable. Having to close, move all of the files out only to resume seems incredibly cumbersome, and to incur the fees while we are out can be the difference of how long we can take to attend to family needs.

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  • Sylvie Lam

    I would like to add to this thread as well. Simple practice, there needs to be an option that supports mothers and families during times of transitions. Please make a pause subscription option. 

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