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Telehealth and Captioning/text box- Americans With Disability ACT




  • Katherine Jones

    Following and also wondering if now in almost 2022, SP has finally come around to adding CC to make their platform more accessible for all. It seems long overdue. 

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  • Tessa Heuermann

    I see that this question and Gillian's reply are from a year ago. Is it still the case the Simple Practice Telehealth Service does not offer closed captioning?

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  • Andrea Scharlatt

    Seriously. I have to agree here. This is truly something you should have figured out by now.

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  • Gillian

    Our Telehealth feature does not have a closed captioning feature. However, some clients with similar needs have opted to use 3rd party closed captioning or voice-to-text services. Such a service can be used simultaneously on a computer while using Telehealth or a voice-to-text app can be downloaded on a phone and used during the call. These options will allow the audio to be captured and read in live text format. That being said, we do not have a particular service to recommend over another.

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  • Francesca Benning

    Hi, just wanted to follow up on this post to see if any progress had been made to adding CC to the telehealth platform? I just took on a hearing impaired client and am having to use google meets to have session. I would much rather be using SP's platform. 

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  • Daya M. Deuskar

    Hi there, I am here also to affirm our practice's need for captioning for both clients and clinicians alike in the Deaf/HOH community. We shouldn't have to turn to a competing platform (Zoom, in our case) just for caption access when those services offer AI captioning absolutely free and are covered by free BAAs.

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  • Erin Harrell

    Another request for an overdue feature. The thread for voting on changes says both "in review" and "in process" but there aren't any dates on those postings. 

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  • Kasryn Kapp

    I am also having to turn to a competing platform for captioned videoconferencing. This is long overdue and a big item on the "con" side of my pro/con list for this EHR. Thanks.

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  • Jaya Roy

    I am also considering another platform because of this. Captioning should be offered for telehealth for clinicians and clients. This should be a free feature.

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