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Is it better to have individual and Couple Client for couples or just couple client




  • Ruth

    Hi Richard, it depends on if you intend to see the clients separately in addition to holding sessions with them together, as a couple. If you're only seeing them as a couple, then you'll only need to create a Couple Client file for them. If you'll also be holding individual sessions with each of them, go to the Couple Client file > Edit > Clients > Manage > Create individual client for each client. 

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  • -Peter W. Coleman, LMFT

    How do you create a couple profile if you have been seeing one individually?

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  • Miesha Berry

    I have the same question as Peter.

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  • Donna Blackburn

    I have the same question as Peter and Miesha.

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  • Wendy Robertson

    I currently see a minor whose mother is included in her file as the guardian.  They would like to have a family session in future which would include mom's ex-husband.  He lives at a separate address.  Is there a way I can have him participate?  Thanks!

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  • Michele Javorek

    Same question as listed above. How do we turn an individual client into a couple? 

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  • Brooke Splain

    I would like to do the same thing as everyone else. Is there anyone in support that actual reads these so that we can get an answer. I seems like if you do not create the client file as a couple from the start that there is no way to reverse that. Has anyone found a way to do this?

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  • Kristine Beelek

    I have the same question

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  • Melvin Grier

    I have not found a way to do it but to open up a couple's file. Time consuming

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