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Lyra Health EAP




  • Gillian

    Happy to help, Carl. To add an EAP to your list of insurance payers, go to My Account > Settings > Insurance and click Add Insurance Payer. Then enter the name, address, and coverage type for the EAP. For EAP plans, leave the coverage type set to OTHER. Once you've entered this information and clicked Save, the EAP will show up in the insurance payer lists throughout your account.

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  • Kellie Atkinson

    I have an additional question about Lyra. They pay for Late Cancellations and No Shows but we are struggling with finding a good way to document this. Since Late Cancels/No Shows cannot have an insurance payment attached to the appointment, we created a generic CPT code to use for these, so that we are able to post the insurance payment. This then sets the appointment as "Show" but with a specific CPT code to signify that it was a Lyra No Show. It's a bit confusing because at a glance, it looks like the client showed when they didn't.

    The main problem is that, if it is a new client, then there is no diagnosis, so they remain on the "Unbilled Appointment" list and we are unable to create a "draft claim" and leave the claim set to "prepared" so it clears this list off for our group. Is there a fix for this?


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  • Ruth

    Hi Kathryn, that seems like the best way to account for "Late Cancel," or "No-Show" appointments that are covered by insurance, or EAPs, like Lyra. If you'd like us to add functionality that would allow you to apply insurance payments to cancelled appointments, please vote on this feature request:

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  • Natacha Salomon

    Hello, I am a new provider with Lyra and have linked the calendar for the Lyra clients to be able to schedule appointments with me online. Unfortunately, each time I receive a new appointment from Lyra, my calendar does not populate the name or contact information for that client. It is only showing up as, "New Appointment." What am I doing wrong? I created an IT request in Lyra and after two weeks of investigation, it was determined that the issue is with "Simple Practice" not Lyra. Anyone can assist me with this please? I do have the Plus account and Lyra confirms that everything was set up correctly on their end. Please help. Thank you so much.

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  • Jessica Kuilan

    I think there should be a feature to account for EAP payments even when there are no shows. 

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