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Telehealth links that do not connect provider to pt




  • Ruth

    Hi Mary, I've created a Help Request so a member of our Technical Team can investigate your Telehealth feature and further assist you. They'll be in touch soon. 

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  • Jennifer Bean

    I've noticed this happening too over the last several weeks... I've usually been able to get ahold of the client by phone and when we both refresh it works, but couldn't make that happen today and we missed the appt.  Thanks for putting in a request Mary and Ruth!

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  • Mary Vu-Nguyen

    Omg Jennifer, you lost the appt...I'm so sorry. This is how we earn our income to pay our bills so it's a big deal. The tech team has reached out to me and I provided to them details on which links did not work. As of today, they are still trying to figure out what is going on. They are nice and have kept in touch with me, but at this time, still do not have any answers. Hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone else again 🤞

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  • Mary Vu-Nguyen

    hi. Happened again:  the link didn't work yesterday for one of my pts. We kept clicking on our respective links but neither would take us to the same screen so that we could do our session. We ultimately had to use Doxyme

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  • Regina Schaefer

    Dear Support,

    I could not get my camera to turn on for my last client. That has never happened on S.P. before. When I attempted to click on the camera icon with the red line through it, I could only get a red circle which did not allow me to turn on the camera. We proceeded with only the client being visible to me, but I was embarassed by the malfunction on my side.
    Regina Schaefer

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