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Billing Medicare



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  • Ruth

    Hi Nikki, Nagendra is right, this is one way customers have billed out of network primary insurance payers. However, creating a Superbill won't allow you to create a secondary claim from it. First, set add both primary and secondary insurance plans to a client's file > Edit > Billing and Insurance. Here's a guide that'll help you get set up: Filing Secondary Claims

    You'll want to create a claim for the client's primary insurance and either do "Courtesy Billing" and submit it on behalf of your client, or don't submit the claim and create a Superbill as well to have your client submit. Before "Courtesy Billing," please call the insurance payer and verify if you're able to submit claims on your client's behalf. Follow these instructions on How to do Courtesy Billing in SimplePractice, the only step you don't want to follow is making the client's Billing Type as Self-Pay, you'll want to make it Insurance Pay. If you'd rather have your client submit the Superbill, you'll still want to create the claim, but don't submit it electronically. Next, you'll want to manually add the insurance payment to the claim when your client tells you how much they were reimbursed for the payment. Here's how to Add Insurance Payments. Finally, go to the, now "Paid," primary claim and click the Create Secondary Claim button at the top of the page. Submit the secondary claim! 

    I know this is a lot of steps, so if you'd like to work with a member of our Insurance Team to go over this specific client's claims, please submit a Help Request!

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