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Telehealth in two locations




  • Ruth

    Hi Jennifer, there can only be one Telehealth: Video Office Location in your SimplePractice account that will automatically populate SimplePractice Telehealth links to the appointment. For insurance billing purposes, you won't need to add a physical Office Location to the address line for appointments held virtually, via Telehealth. If you do wish to add the physical address of the Office Location you were at while conducting a Telehealth call, you'll need to do so manually on the claims form itself. 

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  • Alicia Cote

    I have a similar question to this.  If the provider is credentialed in 2 different states and is doing telehealth in both states, all legally, and licensed. The amount of reimbursement is different so although you specified that you are not to need this for insurance purposes, some providers actually do need this as it changes their reimbursement rate.   Do you have a solution for this?

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  • Katharine Jeffcoat, RD, LD

    I'm in the same situation as Alicia above.   I work telehealth in two different states and need a solution to have different telehealth locations.  

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  • Angela Bartlett

    Ive just set up two way synching.  When I enter an appt on my google calendar it does transfer to my SP calendar however it transfers as grey and I am unable to make its location as "telehealth"  when I set the location it says unspecified and the other as my office location.  When I look at practice settings I do have a telehealth office set up in there.  Please advise 

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