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Telehealth in two locations




  • Ruth

    Hi Jennifer, there can only be one Telehealth: Video Office Location in your SimplePractice account that will automatically populate SimplePractice Telehealth links to the appointment. For insurance billing purposes, you won't need to add a physical Office Location to the address line for appointments held virtually, via Telehealth. If you do wish to add the physical address of the Office Location you were at while conducting a Telehealth call, you'll need to do so manually on the claims form itself. 

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  • Alicia Cote

    I have a similar question to this.  If the provider is credentialed in 2 different states and is doing telehealth in both states, all legally, and licensed. The amount of reimbursement is different so although you specified that you are not to need this for insurance purposes, some providers actually do need this as it changes their reimbursement rate.   Do you have a solution for this?

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  • Katharine Jeffcoat, RD, LD

    I'm in the same situation as Alicia above.   I work telehealth in two different states and need a solution to have different telehealth locations.  

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  • Angela Bartlett

    Ive just set up two way synching.  When I enter an appt on my google calendar it does transfer to my SP calendar however it transfers as grey and I am unable to make its location as "telehealth"  when I set the location it says unspecified and the other as my office location.  When I look at practice settings I do have a telehealth office set up in there.  Please advise 

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  • Stephanie Maszak, LCSW, CADC, CCTP

    We need to be able to add multiple telehealth locations due to the new "10" code. Our clinicians need to be able to indicate in the calendar when a client is receiving telehealth services somewhere other than their home (code 02). For now, we have had to add this code under an office location. We have set the default telehealth location to indicate 10 because the majority of appointments occur at this location. But, when the clinician needs to switch to 02, they have to choose another location that is listed as an "office location" which does not include a video link. So, we need to be able to choose between at least two different telehealth locations. 

    I thought about relabeling the 02 location that is listed under office location, but then the CMS form populates with whatever I enter instead of the practice name. So, it is confusing to clinicians when they look at the pull down menu in the calendar for the location because both the physical office location and the telehealth location are labeled the same. This is another frustrating feature. 

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  • Cynthia LeBlanc

    YES!!! What Stephanie said!  I am a provider facing the same issue with POS 10 and 02. We need to be able to have 2 telehealth locations for this new POS requirement. I also bill for 10 other facilities who use SP. They are also asking how to do this! Help Simple Practice!!

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  • Amy Green

    We are having the same issue, we need to be able to establish POS 10 and 02, so two different telehealth locations based on insurance requirements.

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  • Samantha Yerks

    yes we need this too. Our billing system needs this. I have 2 locations, if I bill telehealth the ins company wants to know for What location, Where the client was and Where the provider was. I have to go into every claim and correct the telehealth address

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  • Robert Wood

    Ditto . . . I need my clients to select video session, phone session, or texting session.  I'm open to ideas.

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  • Hawanya B. Miller

    I need this as well and with the price increase, explosion of telehealth and ongoing COVID 19 measures, this needs to be a standard item/setting.

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  • Daniall Foskey

    I need this as well as I am legally able to provide therapy in NC as well as VA.

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  • Sara A. Van Tongeren

    I need this as well. SP please advise. 

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  • Brooke Vargas, LCSW

    I agree I need the option for more than one telehealth location for options 2 and 10. I see you can change it in the claims but that makes for errors. It would be easier to change it from the schedule. 

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  • Jennifer Pond

    I need to do the same thing.  I have two locations in which I provide telehealth and need to have options for 2 and 10.


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  • Cynthia Bennett

    I also need to be able to set up two video office locations—one for POS 02 and another for POS 10

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  • Norma McCarthy

    Is there a way for two different clients to use the same telehealth link when they are in two different locations?

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  • Erica Brown

    I am also needing two telehealth locations and the ability to have a different time zone for each practice location. I'm licensed in two different states, one in CST and one in EST. 

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