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Clearing House Rejection




  • Ruth

    Hi David, I've created a help request on your behalf so a member of our Insurance Team can further assist you. In the future, if you'd like us to investigate specific claims in your account, please submit a Help Request from your SimplePractice account. Click on the "?" icon to the bottom right > Get Help > Ask Question > Contact Support > Email. You can also click here to submit a Help Request.

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  • Steven Hobbs

    I have several claims rejected at the clearinghouse level.  And I'm not sure what to do about it.  All claims for these patients have been paid in the past without a problem.  I didn't change anything, so it is confusing.  This is what is reported back:

    "Acknowledgement / Rejected for relational field in error. (A8) Duplicate Submission Note: use only at the information receiver level in the Health Care Claim Acknowledgement transaction. (746)"

    I have seen no reference to these codes in the help materials.

    Thank  you,

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