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Disable all insurance features and visuals in the UI



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  • Ruth

    Hi Hilary, you can go to Settings > Client Portal > Shared Documents and Files, scroll down to the bottom of the page and opt out of including Insurance Information form fields on the Demographics Information Form. Keep in mind, this would prevent your clients from being able to fill out their insurance information through the Client Portal and also make sure that they're Billing Type is set to "Self-Pay." However, if you wanted them to fill out their Insurance Information to have it auto-populate onto Superbills, then I'd suggest keeping the insurance form fields on the Demographics Form and going back into the client's file > Edit > Billing and Insurance to change the Billing Type to "Self-Pay." Any appointments that you scheduled when your client's Billing Type was Insurance Pay will need to be individually changed from the client's Billing tab, by clicking on the Appointment. If the appointment has a Superbill attached, you'll want to delete the Superbill before you can make any edits to it. There's no way to delete all the Insurance functions within your SimplePractice account, but you can take these steps to ensure you're not accidentally making your clients' Billing Type "Insurance Pay." 

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