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Resending intake paperwork




  • Ruth

    Hi Janet, instead of resending the forms, you can send your client a Secure Message by hitting the message icon, located in the top right corner of their account. Any forms you've already sent the client will appear when they login to your Client Portal, under the Documents tab to the top right. Sending a Secure Message will send your clients an email notification within 15 minutes with a login link to view the message. If the login link expires, your client will be prompted to enter their email address on your Client Portal page to generate a new login link on their own. In the Secure Message, you can include this guide on How to Login to the Client Portal

    As for your second question, create the minor client and don't add an email address or phone number for them. Instead, go to their client file > Edit > Contacts > Add Contact, use the search bar to find their parent's name and select it. Then enable Client Portal access for the parent Contact by hitting Manage > Client Portal & Billing. Here's more on our Enhanced Client Management for Minors feature. 

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  • Rossana Magalhaes

    Dear Ruth,

    I found your answer as I was searching for how to resend the email with the intake documents. I do not want to send a secure message, as you suggested: "instead of resending the forms, you can send your client a Secure Message." Can you help with HOW TO RESEND THE EMAIL? Gratitude, 

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  • Noelle E. Gomez

    Same question here!

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  • Chase Counts

    I also would like to resend the e-mail.  Is there a way to do that?

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