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  • Angelia M. Worley

    I totally agree with this, I end up having to send separate messages or email to the clinician. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Tameka and Angelia, thank you for the suggestion! I'll definitely relay your comments to our Product Team. To increase visibility for your feature request, please add it to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here: . This way other customers can vote on it and add their comments! 

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  • Katie Kroening

    I agree, this would be game changer

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  • Cynthia Norris

    We struggle with a more seamless way for supervisors to get information to trainees. Please create a comments section. 

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  • Amanda Leal

    I completely agree. Everything about the supervision process for reviewing and approving notes is a mess. It definitely needs streamlining, especially for those who may have 10+ supervises.

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