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Divorced Parents & Superbills



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  • Ruth

    Hi Jamie, you're correct, a session can't be billed twice to two different insurance payers. If you'd like to switch whose name appears on the Invoices and Superbills of the minor client, you'll want to change who's "Responsible for Billing" prior to creating the billing documents. 

    Navigate to the client's Contacts tab, click Manage > Manage Client Portal & Billing, alternate which parent is "Responsible for billing" prior to creating a billing document for the child. Make sure not to add any insurance information for the child client, in their Billing and Insurance tab. Since you can only add one Primary Insurance for the client, any Superbill you'd create would have this insurance information on it. You could add one parent's as the Primary Insurance and the second parent's as the "Other Insurance," but you'd have to change which one has the "Primary Insurance" toggle selected to match the parent you made "Responsible for billing" every appointment. You can go to your Billing page, to the left of your account, click Card Transactions on the right, then hit Details next to a charge to see the payment information. If you'd like to send the parent this information, you'll want to screenshot it, upload it in the client's file and then share it with the parent. Currently, there's no way to see the card details of each charge from any of our billing documents. We're working on several improvements to our billing system, so you should see some changes that will help soon! 

    In the meantime, check out our guides on Enhanced Client Management for Minors and Enhanced Client Management for Third-Party Billers

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