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Any physicians in private practice using SimplePractice?



  • Ayesha Khan

    I'm a psychiatrist in private practice and would be happy to share my experience with you. There are pros and cons to SP for physicians, but overall it's been a largely positive experience and I'm happy with it. However, whether that would be the case for you depends on how you'd be using it and what you're hoping to get out of it. Do you have specific questions?

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  • Jaime A. Bastidas

    Thanks for replying!  Honestly I have lots of questions, but bottom line I'm looking to pick the brains of other physicians in Private Practice who already figured out the things I'm trying to do.  For instance, it would be nice to have a "tab" in patient info that has their past medical history, meds, allergies, etc that I can just click to review and update as needed.  Have you talked with any other physicians using Simple Practice?

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  • Jonathan Ahern

    Hi Ayesha,

    I just looked up this thread as I'm looking to add a psychiatrist/aprn to our therapy practice and we already use SimplePractice. Mostly wondering how it works with documentation. Have you been able to use the existing note options or do you have a different template you copy and paste? Also wondering about getting medical history. I guess we could just create a different intake assessment template to get that info. We're planning to use Doctors First for e-prescribe. Any other recommendations for making that work?

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  • Teresa Bair

    Hello! I relate to your situation, and also have some questions. I'm a DO doing primary care and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). I'm also completely solo, without any staff. Most EMRs aren't affordable or set up for single providers, and I love that Simple Practice makes the interface between the patient, EMR, and provider so clean, integrated, and intuitive. I also like that it works with Stripe, my GSuite calendar, and uses a web based portal rather than an app. I'm currently using TalkEHR which is okay for my purposes, but the portal is crappy, which makes patient communication a challenge. I'd like to switch to SP, but after my preliminary research, I still have the following questions/concerns:
    0. I also share your questions/concerns about allergies, medical history, etc. We need to be able to review and update these, so I'm not sure an additional intake form would work.
    1. How can orders and ordering be streamlined with the medical record? Though it isn't ideal, I can use separate portals, apps, and forms to place the orders for medications, imaging, referrals, and labs. However, I would want to easily show these in the medical record without having to write out every medication and result. I imagine I could scan documents in for labs, referrals, and imaging, but I think that would mean saving PHI to my computer first, and wouldn't be good for meds.
    2. I would like to charge a discounted price for self pay patients, and have that price reflected on their superbills. Would I have to list a service twice, with different prices, marking one version as same-day self-pay discount, and the other as billed to insurance?
    3. My patients won't know how complex of a visit they need at the time of scheduling, or if they'll need a certain procedure, etc. Using a CPT code to determine their appt booking in advance, even if I write a clear description, would frequently be inaccurate or insufficient when it's time for billing the visit. Would I have to write up my own codes that patients can schedule, like 55555: OMT - Adult 90 min $0, or 66666: Primary Care New Patient - Adult 90min $0, so they can schedule the appts, and then change them to the correct codes and prices after the appt?
    4. Any integration with faxing services?
    5. What's the best way to send a patient a summary of their visit, or written plan to follow between appts?

    Even though my volume is low, my range of patients, conditions, and services is greater than almost any other type of care provider. It can make the administrative side awfully difficult, and I'm desperate for a simple solution I can actually afford.

    Thanks for listening, and for any feedback you can provide.


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  • Cathy Weitzel

    I need to know how to find out what a "modifier" is & how to choose which one is needed for Medicare patients whose claims have been denied. 

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  • Diane Nguyen

    For telemed visits, are people using 95 or GT as modifiers?  Is there a way to make the visit video but use 11 as the place of service?  The reason being is that United Health care has informed me to use the 11 as the place of office and GT modifier for video rather than 02 as place of visit or it will be denied. 

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  • Loraine Hunter

    02 location with GT modifier gets accepted with United.


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