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I need to speak to someone




  • Ruth

    Hi Dr. Olivares, if you add clinicians to your account, you'll be able to have full control and visibility into their schedules, billing and account activity, in addition to your own. Your Account Activity log will contain both functions you preformed and ones your team members have preformed. If you'd like to learn more, refer to this guide on Adding and Managing Team Members. You can also submit an email Help Request to our Group Practices Team to get more insight on how Group Practices work in SimplePractice. 

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  • Mesha Muwanga

    I have added all of my information to receive online payments, yet I continue to receive this message


    "Your Online Payments account is under review. A member of our Compliance Team will contact you soon to verify your account. You can begin processing credit card payments right away, and you’ll receive your first payout shortly after your account is verified"


    It has been under review for over 5 months????

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