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Third party payer



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  • Ruth

    Hi Kimberly, technically the client's employer is making a payment on the client's behalf, so it would also be logged as a client payment. If you're trying to log payment from an EAP (Employee Assistance Program), or want to distinguish the client's payments from their employer's, follow these steps:

    1. Add the client's employer or EAP as an Insurance Payer in Settings > Insurance > +Add Insurance Payer.

    2. Then you'll want to go to the client's file > Edit > Billing and Insurance and add this insurance payer as their secondary insurance.

    3. If you're not enrolled in receiving Payment Reports (ERAs) for this client's primary insurance payer, manually add the deductible as a $0 insurance payment by clicking Add Insurance Payment from the ADD PAYMENTS box to the right of the client's file. Add the dollar amount equivalent of the client's copay in the Client Paid column, enter 0 in the Insurance Paid column and use the circular arrows icon to automatically calculate the Write-Off amount.

    4. Now, create a claim for the secondary insurance (employer) by going to the primary claim and hitting Create Secondary Claim. Don't submit the secondary claim. 

    5. Go to your client's file and hit the +Add Insurance Payment button in the ADD PAYMENTS box to the right. Manually add the secondary insurance payment to the same dates of service as the primary insurance. 

    Here are some guides that should help: 

    Another option is to just log the employer's payment as the client's. Hope that helps! 

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