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Download a client's chart for records request




  • Gillian

    Hi Molly, you can export a client's full chart under Settings > Data Export. Let me know if you have any additional questions I can help with. 

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  • Bruce Webber

    Hi Gillian,

    I did this and it requires me to separately print each document. Is there a more efficient alternative? If not, it would be very helpful if one were developed.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Bruce, you can open each folder in the Data Export, highlight all the PDF Documents in the folder, hit File > Print on your Computer menu bar. 

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  • Reaca Pearl

    Is there a way to download a client's chart for ONLY a specific period of time? For example: The client has been a client for 5 years; but insurance is requesting the record for June 2020 through December 2020 ONLY. I just need these specific dates. Can I only download the whole record for those dates? If not, it would be super helpful to create that, too.

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  • Anne Parsons

    I must be doing something very wrong or this is the most inefficient  way to get a copy of a clients file.  I have to send paper records for several clients.   I couldn't figure out how to get all the files to print at once.  I can find no way have the progress and chart notes print in chronological order.  Also no way to to make the entries continuous .  I have killed a small tree to print off each note separately.  Now I have to put the notes in chronological order by hand.  Then pay a small fortune to mail the huge stacks.

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  • Joseph Slimowicz

    I have also had the same problem. There is no way it seems to print from Windows 10 a batch of files or specify a date range. The PDFs are all individual. Will Simple Practice address this? It seems unreasonable for users to have to individual print each record (sometimes 30-40+ PDFs) for long term patients. This has happened to me more than 4-5 times in the course of using Simple Practice. I will contact them tomorrow but an easy fix seems to be able to load all notes in a chronological order in a single PDF and print the document. Simple Practice - this seems like a really fundamental design flaw in your system. Please address.

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  • Dalena Watson

    Agree. We desperately need this. Even to be able to download all progress notes in a single pdf, and all treatment plans in a pdf.

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  • Ashley Martinez

    Where do I find data export?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone,

    Although you can perform a data export for all of a specific clinicians' clients, one specific client's record, or all clients in your practice at once, you can't perform a data export for a specific timeframe. Account Owners can generate a data export by going to Settings > Data Export. When the export is ready for you to download you'll get an email notification with instructions!

    If you'd like us to further consider consolidating progress notes for a client onto one PDF, please vote on this feature request: 

    If you'd like us to change the format that PDFs are organized in the data export file, please vote on this feature request:

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